Mini Fridge Cooler, 126 Cans Beverage Refrigerator with Adjustable Shelves for Soda Beer or Wine Compact Refrigerator with Glass Door Best for Home Bar Office

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Mini Fridge Cooler, 126 Cans Beverage Refrigerator with Adjustable Shelves for Soda Beer or Wine Compact Refrigerator with Glass Door Best for Home Bar Office, Find Details and Price about Ultra Cool Mini Drink Fridge 126 Can Beverage Fridge from ...

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Specifications Freezer Size Display Option 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda, Beer, or Wine, 21L-130L Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, Small Drink Dispenser Machine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Moving Shelves COMPACT GLASS DOOR DISPLAY FREEZER FEATURES little display freezer Dimensions: 24.3 in (H) x 23.4 in (W) x 21.5 in (D) Space for storage: 3 cubic feet 2 wire shelves are present A self-closing glass door provides a complete view and ensures closure. LED illumination
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Manufacturer/Factory & Trading Company
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2243 square meters
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Peak Season Lead Time: one month
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Off Season Lead Time: one month

User Manual: Mini Fridge Cooler

Congratulations on your purchase of the Mini Fridge Cooler! This compact refrigerator with a glass door is perfect for storing up to 126 cans of your favorite beverages and is ideal for use in homes, bars, and offices.

For Adults:

  1. Before using the fridge, please remove all packaging materials and make sure it is placed on a level surface.
  2. Plug the fridge into an electrical outlet and turn the power switch on. The temperature control knob is located inside the fridge on the back wall.
  3. Adjust the temperature as desired (recommended setting for drinks is 36-40°F).
  4. The adjustable shelves make it easy to customize the storage space according to your needs.
  5. To clean the fridge, unplug it and remove all items. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces, including the shelves.

For Minors:

It is important to keep this fridge out of reach of children to prevent potential hazards. Do not allow minors to operate or play with the fridge. If you suspect that a child has consumed any beverage from the fridge, seek medical attention immediately.

We hope you enjoy your Mini Fridge Cooler and that it brings you many refreshing beverages!

Mini fridges are a popular appliance for keeping beverages and snacks cold in small spaces like homes, offices or dorm rooms. Our Mini Fridge Cooler is a versatile option that can hold up to 126 cans of your favorite beverages, including soda, beer, or wine. Here are some common questions about the appearance and safety of our Mini Fridge Cooler:

Q: What does the Mini Fridge Cooler look like? A: Our Mini Fridge Cooler has a sleek and modern design with a glass door that allows you to see inside without opening the fridge. It also features adjustable shelves so you can customize the interior to fit your needs.

Q: Is the glass door safe? A: Yes, the glass door on our Mini Fridge Cooler is made from tempered glass which is designed to be stronger and safer than regular glass. It also has a protective film that helps prevent shattering if the glass were to break.

Q: Does the Mini Fridge Cooler have any safety features? A: Yes, our Mini Fridge Cooler has several safety features that make it a reliable option. It has a built-in lock to keep your beverages secure, as well as an auto-defrost function that prevents ice buildup and reduces the risk of damage to the fridge's internal components.

Q: How much space do I need for the Mini Fridge Cooler? A: The Mini Fridge Cooler has a compact design that makes it easy to fit into small spaces. It measures 33.1 x 18.9 x 17.3 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 68.3 pounds, making it easy to move and install.

Q: Is the Mini Fridge Cooler energy-efficient? A: Yes, our Mini Fridge Cooler is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It has an Energy Star rating and uses only 240 kWh per year, which is much less than older models of mini fridges.

In summary, our Mini Fridge Cooler is a stylish and safe option for keeping your favorite beverages cold. Its tempered glass door and adjustable shelves make it a versatile choice, while its built-in safety features and energy efficiency make it a reliable and practical appliance for any home or office.

The Mini Fridge Cooler is a compact refrigerator designed for home, office, or bar use. With a capacity of 126 cans, it provides ample space for storing soda, beer, or wine. The adjustable shelves allow for customizable storage options, making it easy to organize and access your beverages.

The sleek glass door adds a modern touch to any space while also providing visibility to the contents inside. The door is also reversible, allowing for flexible installation options. The cooling performance is reliable and consistent, ensuring that your drinks are always chilled to perfection.

Overall, the Mini Fridge Cooler is a great addition to any home, office, or bar setup. Its compact size, adjustable shelves, and stylish design make it the perfect solution for storing and displaying your favorite beverages.