Cheap Chest Type -45 Degree Deep Freezer Medical Refrigerator for CE

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Cheap Chest Type -45 Degree Deep Freezer Medical Refrigerator for CE, Find Details and Price about Chest Freezer Deep Freezer from Cheap Chest Type -45 Degree Deep Freezer Medical Refrigerator for CE - Zhengzhou Well-Known Instrument and Equipment...

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The freezer is used to store deep-water fish like tuna and swordfish in the seafood and catering industries. It is also used to store biological samples, specimens, materials, and reagents in laboratories. The freezer can be used in industries to test electronic and chemical materials at low temperatures. Product attributes: Technology and effectiveness For autocascade single-stage compression refrigeration systems, our own proprietary technology
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Thank you for choosing the Cheap Chest Type -45 Degree Deep Freezer Medical Refrigerator for CE. This product is designed to store medical supplies and has a temperature range of -10°C to -45°C. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure safe and correct use.

For Adults:

  1. Installation: Please choose a level surface to install the medical refrigerator and ensure there is enough space for ventilation. The device should be connected to a grounded power supply and should not be connected to an extension cord.

  2. Temperature Setting: Please set the temperature between -10°C to -45°C according to the requirements of the medical supplies. The red indicator light means the device is in the cooling state, and the green indicator light means the set temperature has been reached.

  3. Cleaning: Please unplug and clean the device regularly to ensure good hygiene. Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the interior and exterior of the device.

  4. Maintenance: Please check the device regularly for any damage or malfunction. If any issues arise, please contact our customer service immediately.

For Children:

  1. Keep Out of Reach: This device is not a toy and should not be touched, played with or operated by children. Keep children away from the device to prevent accidents.

  2. Warning Signs: Please explain to children that the device contains medical supplies that need to be kept at a low temperature. Teach them to recognize the warning signs on the device and remind them not to touch or play with it.

  3. Supervision: Children should not be left alone with the device. Adults should supervise children when in the same room as the device.


The Cheap Chest Type -45 Degree Deep Freezer Medical Refrigerator for CE is a valuable product for adults in the medical industry. For children, it is necessary to keep them at a safe distance and teach them about the importance of the device's function. By following these instructions carefully, you can ensure the safe use of the product.

Possible FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Cheap Chest Type -45 Degree Deep Freezer Medical Refrigerator for CE:

Q: What is the appearance of this freezer medical refrigerator? A: This is a chest type freezer with a -45 degree Celsius cooling capability, designed to store medical products safely. It has a white coated steel exterior and a high-density polyurethane insulation layer to maintain temperature stability. The door has a lock and key mechanism, and there are handles for easy opening and closing.

Q: What kind of medical products can be stored in this freezer refrigerator? A: This freezer refrigerator is suitable for storing vaccines, blood plasma, biological reagents, and other temperature-sensitive medical products that require ultra-low temperature conditions. It can also be used for laboratory research, clinical trials, and other scientific applications that demand precise temperature control.

Q: Is this freezer refrigerator safe to use? A: Yes, this freezer refrigerator is designed with safety features to ensure the quality and integrity of stored medical products. It has an alarm system that alerts users in case of temperature deviation or power failure. The temperature control is digital, with an LCD display that shows the current temperature and allows users to adjust the settings. The compressor is a high-efficiency model that runs quietly and saves energy.

Q: What kind of certification does this freezer refrigerator have? A: This freezer refrigerator is compliant with CE (Conformité Européene) standards, which means it has been tested and verified for safety, health, and environmental protection requirements in the European Economic Area. It also meets the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality management system standards. Additionally, it comes with a warranty and technical support from the manufacturer.

Q: How to install and operate this freezer refrigerator? A: The installation and operation of this freezer refrigerator should be done by a qualified technician or a professional who is familiar with similar equipment. The user manual provides detailed instructions on how to set up the freezer, connect it to the power supply, and operate the control panel. Before use, it is recommended to let the freezer run for a few hours to stabilize the temperature and check the function of the alarm system.